New! Cellulaze - Cellulite Reduction Treatment.
          Smartlipo - Offers Liposuction with skin re-tightening in the office.
          Sidelaze - Offers neck and facial skin re-tightening using tiny incisions.

Founded in 1996 by Dr. Thomas A. Hagerty, The Mid Hudson Plastic Surgery Center’s mission is to deliver excellence in Plastic Surgery care in the Hudson Valley, as well as...

. . . to restore the body's contour and function following loss, injury, or aging.
. . . to enhance and improve facial features.
. . . to educate the patient, staff and the community in elements of state of the art Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.
Dr Hagerty's impressive educational background, credentials, affiliations and memberships are meant to serve as a basis for a trusting relationship between him, his staff, the patient and the community.